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DataMap GEO (formerly DataMap STREETS) is our most in-depth geospatial solution for new residential development. Because newly created residential developments are usually built on freshly minted, unmapped streets, it is difficult and time consuming to keep track of every new street location. DataMap GEO tracks this information, together with the vital characteristics of each development, and provides it to you in real-time.

What sets DataMap GEO apart is our real time pulse in tracking all new streets that are in the “move in” developmental stage. Our exclusive dataset is of the highest quality and boasts sub meter accuracy (see sample of DataMap vs. other vendors here).

Data available in DataMap Geo:

Base Street Data
  • Street Centerlines with Address Ranges
Additional Spatial Meta Data
  • Name of Development
  • City, State, Zip
  • County
  • Point Addressing
  • Census Block & Tract
  • County Parcel PIN and/or Block & Lot
  • Parcel Area, Perimeter and Acreage
  • Centroid Points of Parcels/Rooftop Geo-coding
Developer/Development/Community Data
  • Developer Data: Name, Address, Phone, Email, Rank.
  • Development Boundary
  • Lat/Long Coordinates of Development Entrance
  • MSA Location
  • Age of Community
  • Home Type
  • Average Sales Price of Homes
  • Number of Homes in Community
  • Average Square Feet of Home

Data Samples in Geospatial Format:

(Email us to request a larger sample of our dataset.)

Geospatial Data of New Development - United States

Geospatial Data of New Development - Canada

Sample of Neighborhood Boundaries

Data Component Breakdown

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