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About Us

Our story in a nutshell
As a land developer DataMap Founder and CEO, Charlie Schwab wanted to know where new developments were scheduled for construction across the United States. Charlie assumed that the information he needed was "out there somewhere" pre-packaged, ready-to-use and just waiting to drop into his shopping cart. It wasn’t. And the more resources Charlie explored, the more it became clear to him that, while there was some data available, none of it was as detailed or as current as he needed it to be. He set out to compile the data himself. This journey of discovery, fueled by his own business needs, led Charlie to create DataMap Intelligence, the sole provider of the most comprehensive geo-demographic dataset available.

Who we are today
DataMap Intelligence is a data provider that produces proprietary data pertaining to virtually all new, residential development across North America. There are thousands of new residential developments created each year, most of which are built on freshly minted unmapped streets, consequently making it very difficult for companies in need of this information to remain abreast with the influx of new street location and housing data. DataMap Intelligence collects its data directly from the source and updates this information bi-monthly.

In an ever changing environment, businesses simply cannot rely on inaccurate and obsolete information. DataMap Intelligence has developed tracking systems that follow every emerging residential development. Our proprietary dataset is of the highest quality and boasts sub meter accuracy (see sample of DataMap vs. other vendors here). DataMap Intelligence data is unavailable elsewhere. Our products offer endless possibilities by providing real time, manipulatable data for companies that depend on accurate and updated data pertaining to new residential developments.

How we collect our data:
DataMap data is obtained through exclusive relationships with Builders. We also incorporate various online methods of data tracking and employ field people to collect and convert the data. Ultimately our exclusive relationships with other data aggregators + expert conversion of the collected raw tabular and raster data to geospatial data = a set of completed superior products.

Our data is designed for companies associated with real estate, retail site selection, taxation, mapping technology, location based services, insurance, E-911, communications, marketing, demographic prediction, market research and the financial sector.

Our data is unique:
Our exclusivity lies in the fact that we have aggregated data of the exact location of virtually all new and emerging residential developments throughout the United States and Canada, together with their vital characteristics, and we can deliver this data in geospatial, tabular or raw format. This combination is currently unavailable elsewhere and is what makes DataMap unique.



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